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Frail Elderly Outreach Program

Our Frail Elderly Outreach Program provides care to elderly patients in their own homes by connecting them with a team of knowledgeable health professionals.

Team members include a nurse practitioner, pharmacist, occupational therapist, and social worker who can:

  • review medication
  • address specific health concerns or questions
  • connect patients and their families to community health and social services, and
  • help make patients' home environments safer


The program is best for patients who:

  • have a hard time getting to their doctor's appointments
  • need more time with a care provider than what their family doctor can provide, and
  • could use extra support in the home


The program can also help caregivers access care and support for their loved ones and themselves.

To access the program, speak to your family doctor about a referral. Once referred, a team member will visit the patient in his/her home to help create a care plan. They will also connect with the family doctor and will follow up with the patient and their family as needed.